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Example of Social Media and SEO Working Together

I wrote this email today and thought it would be fun to share. Let me know what you guys think, don’t be afraid of the the comment box, it won’t bite you! ;)

The way to approach Social Media in a multi-faceted campaign can be divided into different categories, of which, here are the main ones the come to mind:

  • Social Media as a way to leverage our SEO efforts
  • Social Media in connection with Paid & Display
  • Social Media with focus on branding (true Social Media)
  • …and all of the above :)

SEO and Social MediaAs far as how Social Media and SEO integrate with one another, there are many examples of how efforts to engage your social sphere can produce SEO friendly side effects.

A good example of this is putting all of the Social Media presence through a thorough audit to make sure all of the information is consistent with the brand, and that any glaring opportunities to connect those properties with the main website are being taken. Once that has been taken care of, a popular way of leveraging Social Media efforts for SEO is through the creation of what we refer to as “Link Bait” content.

Even though the term “Link Bait” sounds a little fishy, there’s really nothing fishy about it. All it means is the development of some type of media (infographic, video, images, content, etc) that communicates a message that is engaging and that your social following will be compelled to share.

Here’s an example of such content from one a cool company. SalesBrain.com is a company that specializes in Neuromarketing, and recently, they pushed an infographic on their blog about how the human brain interacts with video games. The good, the bad, and the ugly… See the blog post and infographic here:  http://www.neurosciencemarketing.com/blog/articles/video-games-infographic.htm

This is an example of “Link Bait” content. It’s good, interesting, engaging, well built, and fun to share. When people share this type of media, they naturally create backlinks that point back to the source of that content, which in this case, it’s their blog. They not only capitalize on some true Social Media results, but revitalize the SEO efforts with some natural link building, the way it was meant to happen in the first place.

Image credit: http://www.mdgadvertising.com/blog/the-link-between-search-and-social-media/

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